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Crafting Life’s Masterpiece: The Art of Making Memories

Third - i media productions

Step into the future and relive the magic of your wedding day with Third-i media productions. Our commitment to capturing the essence of your special moments ensures that every emotion, every giggle, and every candid expression is immortalized in stunning detail.

At Third-i media productions, we go beyond mere images; we craft compelling stories that transport you back to your wedding day with the same intensity as if it were yesterday. Our team of industry-leading photographers, skilled touch-up artists, and production experts work seamlessly to create masterpieces that reflect the uniqueness of your love story.

With our naturalistic yet contemporary approach, we aim to portray the magic of your wedding day in a timeless manner. Our enduring passion for photography and dedication to perfection have established us as Trivandrum’s premier wedding photography provider.

From the initial click to the final product, each step is infused with our earnest efforts to give life to your photos and ensure the best possible outcome. Choose Third i media productions to immortalize the most precious moments of your life in a way that is both aesthetic and timeless.



Specializing in wedding photography across Kollam, Kochi, and Trivandrum, we at Greenhat offer a range of styles from classical to candid. Our mission is simple: to curate your special moments exactly as you envision them.

By blending creative concepts with unparalleled photography expertise, we ensure that every photograph captures the essence of your wedding day. Our goal is to craft a wedding photo album that becomes one of your most cherished possessions for years to come.


Experience the beautiful sense of happiness and relief that follows the anxious and tiresome wedding day as reality sinks in. At Third-i media productions, we specialize in preserving these precious post-wedding moments through a carefully curated shoot at a location of your choice.


Embrace the opportunity to make your pre-wedding shoot as bizarre and humorous as you desire. At Third-i media productions, we thrive on your unique requests, channeling our creativity and imagination to craft unforgettable pre-wedding shoots that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.


Celebrate the journey of parenthood with Third-i media productions maternity photoshoots for the mother and father-to-be. We specialize in capturing the cherished moments of holding new life within you, witnessing its growth, and the profound bond you forge with your little one. Trust us to preserve these unforgettable memories for generations to come.


Allow us to immortalize the precious moments of babyhood through stunning photographic memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Third-i media productions specializes in capturing the innocence and joy of newborns and children in Kerala, whether it’s on birthdays, baptisms, or any other special occasion. Trust us to create beautiful images that you’ll fondly revisit when your little ones have grown.